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In honor of the place and the wonderful people where I now live, I thought this addition to the Home Page would be appropriate. The people are wonderful...well, for yankees......and the place is fascinating in it's own right so now I would like to share with you some pictures from around the area in Ohio where I now live....

The Marblehead Lighthouse. It was built in 1821 and is 85 feet tall. It is the oldest operating lighthouse on the Great Lakes. {Photo by Arnold Erhsam}

There is a huge amusement park here called Cedar Point. Anyone who loves roller coasters will love this place! For my folks back home, it's a lot like Six Flags...only bigger...LOL..

A ferry called The GoodTime...which you can use to travel to the Islands here.

The Merry-Go-Round museum...dedicated to carousels and merry go rounds!

A graveyard for Confederate Soldiers of the Civil War on Johnson's Island. The men buried here were prisioners of war.

The famous "Boy With The Boot" statue that stands in Washington Park.

Marla and Tim in front of the "Boy With The Boot"

A view from Sandusky Bay

Marla by the clock (actually works) sculpted in the garden area downtown.

Tim in front of Grace Episcopal Church. This is the oldest church building in continious use in Sandusky. It was began in 1835...completed and dedicated in 1844.